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Until further notice, you may log on to the old system to make tuition payments for preschool, extended care, drop care, and club fees. Please note that all charges and payments for school lunches are now being handled through Pinellas County Schools and are no longer managed through Plato Academy.

Principal Veronica Han-G
Superior Standard Newsletter - Issue 03

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Monday, 8/26
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Squirm-The Musical

Christmas 2015

OXI Day 2015 - Plato Academy Largo

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Plato Curriculum

Plato Academy Schools utilize McGraw-Hill textbooks and e-learning integration curriculum along with supplemental resources by Pearson for our K-5 and FLVS Global for grades 6-8, in addition to innovative teaching methods, and  the Socratic method of teaching, our students  gain a thorough command of reading, mathematics, science, writing, social studies and language arts throughout their years at Plato Academy. 

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