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Principal Veronica Han-G
Superior Standard Newsletter - Issue 03

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sponsored by the PAL Middle School

All Teachers and Students are invited to participate!!
Ice Cream party will be given to the class with 100% participation 

Monday, 9/26:  Manic Misfit Monday--anything goes!
Tuesday, 9/27:  Pajama Day--slippers,ok--bring sneakers for PE
**(PJ Day--no spaghetti straps, must be appropriate -modest--for school)
Wednesday, 9/28:  Greek Day--blue jeans and a white/blue top
Thursday, 9/29:  Sports/Team Jersey Day (jeans okay)
Friday, 9/30 Super Hero Day (jeans okay)

First SAC meeting, Tuesday, 9/27 at 5pm
First PTO meeting on Tuesday, 9/27 at 6pm

DADS Take your Child to School Day!
Hope to have as many "dads" as possible to participate!
WEDNESDAY, 9/28/2016

September-November 2016
All games at Joe DiMaggio Field, Clearwater
4 pm - 6 pm

9/27:  PAL vs. Seminole
9/29:  PAL vs. Palm Harbor
10/13:  PAL vs. Clearwater
10/18:  PAL vs. Tarpon Springs
10/20:  PAL vs. Palm Harbor
10/25:  PAL vs. Clearwater
11/1:  PAL vs. Tarpon Springs
11/3:  PAL vs. Seminole
November 7:  Play-offs
1st vs. 4th
2nd vs. 3rd
November 10:  Finalists League

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